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Using ESRI technologies and other open-source software, our GIS analysts can develop an online web map solution customized to suit your specific needs. These online web map solutions are designed to be user friendly, configured for desktop PCs and mobile devices, can be designed for client-only or for public viewing, and can include a wide variety of customized map tools for analyzing and managing geographic data with highly configurable functionality, hyperlinks to construction documents, PLATs, recorded easements, and so much more. Web maps give your users the convenience of 24/7 access to maps and data online.

CDD, HOA, Special Districts, & Property Management

Communities and special districts offer residents or service areas a broad range of community-related services and infrastructure to ensure high quality elements and amenities. Community management responsibilities may include storm water management, potable and irrigation water supply, sewer and wastewater management, and streetlights. GIS and GIS web map solutions can help manage and maintain communities and special districts with convenience and efficiency. Custom and subject-specific maps can be created. Developing and maintaining a GIS web map or database consisting of existing community assets for management and maintenance can provide the management company or special district a comprehensive database of locations for utilities, irrigation, drainage structures, pipes, easements, preserve area limits, edge of water limits, right of ways, construction documents, PLATs; any and all of a community’s assets can be built into a GIS web map and can be conveniently accessed 24/7, making future management and maintenance tasks smooth and easy.

Golf Course Asset Management

The allure of golf courses is not just the enjoyment of playing the game, but in the beauty and challenge of the course. Golf courses are kept in pristine condition to make the game enjoyable and ensure players return to the fairways, but it takes a lot of work to maintain the many elements of a course. Incorporating GIS into golf course asset management has many benefits. It is an innovative way to manage your team, operations, and assets more efficiently by allowing you to in a sense be everywhere at once; you can be up to date on day-to-day operations, freeing up time for you to be more involved in the critical areas of the property; it is a great visual/teaching tool to assist you in communicating the standard operating procedures/day to day activities; and it is a valuable database and application to benefit your property now and well into the future, essentially setting a new benchmark for other clubs to follow.

Some components that can be incorporated into a GIS application include:
Water Management:
Irrigation systems, station/head IDs, main lines, wire paths, fuses, ground rods
Watering schedules – hand and/or mechanical

Turfgrass Management:
Grass species, hand/machine planted, seeded, sodded, hydroseeded, fertilizing schedules, aerating locations, and schedules

Mapping Areas:
Tee Boxes, fairways, greens, sand/waste bunkers, hazards, out of bounds, utilities, drainage/control structures, lakes, conservation areas, protected species locations

Construction Documents:
Hard copies and other critical information for day-to-day operations can be implemented into the database application

Pre & Post Construction Management

Pre-construction GIS solutions are an innovative and crucial step for developing a formal approach in calculating costs, scope, and schedules for project execution. It provides the tools needed for a successfully managed project, tracking progress through all phases essentially keeping a pulse on every step of a project until its completion.

Post-construction GIS solutions provide an all-inclusive, convenient database of locations for utilities, drainage structures/pipes, easements, preserve area limits, edge of water limits, right of ways, construction documents, PLATs, and more.


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