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Our team of environmental professionals is experienced in providing the expertise it takes to guide you through the federal and state wetland permitting processes and helps you obtain the necessary permits for your project. In addition, we are knowledgeable of local government wetland ordinances that may affect your project. We have the knowledge, experience, and excellent working relationship that it takes to expedite the permitting process through the various federal, state, and local government agencies. We assist with project planning, permit application, permit review, and post-permit compliance.

Federal Wetland Permitting

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act established federal laws regarding activities that are regulated within waters and wetlands determined to be under federal jurisdiction. The appropriate federal permit is required from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for projects that propose the discharge of dredged or fill material into jurisdictional wetlands and waters of the U.S. Once an application is received by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it may be determined that consultation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Marine Fisheries Service, and/or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is warranted. Our team regularly prepares technical documents and analyses in response to requests for additional information from these and other federal agencies.

State Wetland Permitting

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We provide assistance with project planning, in obtaining state permits for projects with unavoidable impacts to wetlands. For projects within the state of Florida, an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or one of the state water management districts is required. Our team of ecologists is extremely knowledgeable of the permit application requirements and compiles the technical environmental information to supplement the ERP application, including wetland mapping, wetland assessments, and protected species data. In South Carolina, our ecologists provide environmental support to assist project engineers in obtaining critical area and wetland permits from the Department of Health and Environmental Control, Office of Coastal Resource Management (DHEC OCRM). In Georgia we provide environmental assistance in obtaining marsh permits from the Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resources Division (DNR CDR). Our team can assist North Carolina projects with getting environmental permits including Isolated and Other Non-404 Jurisdictional Wetland and Waters Permits through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Quality (DENR DWQ).

Local Government Wetland Ordinances

Counties and municipalities may have their own rules and ordinances regarding impacts to wetlands. Please contact us for more information about your specific project. We would love to provide you with more site-specific information based on where your project is located.

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