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Data Collection

Our team can compile data for public and private projects of all sizes, utilizing sub-inch GPS devices, aerial/LiDAR interpretation, CAD files, hard copy maps, property records, and more! Some examples include: tree inventories, street lights, traffic signs, municipal infrastructure, etc.

Custom Mapping

We have decades of experience creating a wide variety of custom maps for display and presentations: aerial photography maps, LiDAR maps, subject-specific, location maps, and more.

Site Selection Analysis

Site selection and/or a suitability analysis is a crucial step in the due diligence process and the feasibility of a project. Using GIS, we can help assist in determining the economic viability of a project.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Much like site selection analysis, real estate analysis provides necessary information needed for the valuation and feasibility of a real estate investment. Our GIS team can assess important aspects such as demographic and socioeconomic data, traffic analysis, educational facilities, emergency facilities, and more.

Pre & Post Construction Management

Pre-construction GIS solutions are an innovative way to calculate costs and track progress through all phases of a project. Post-construction GIS solutions provide an all-inclusive database of all your assets in one place!

GIS can help address important questions and decisions that are beyond the capability of a simple visual analysis.

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