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In order to identify risks and minimize loss from wildlife-related strikes with aircrafts, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requires all airports with operating certificates to conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments once an aircraft has experienced a triggering event. A triggering event is when an aircraft experiences multiple wildlife strikes, engine ingestion, or if a wildlife strike results in substantial damage to an aircraft. In addition to mandating certified airports to conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments, the FAA now encourages all General Aviation airports to take part in mitigating wildlife hazards on their airfield through Wildlife Management Plans and Wildlife Hazard Management Training and Education for airport staff.

Passarella & Associates’ FAA Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist can provide wildlife hazard consulting services to airports. Our staff is knowledgeable of FAA environmental regulations and requirements which includes various FAA Advisory Circulars (AC); Certalerts; Memorandum of Agreements and Understandings; and wildlife hazard manuals and guidebooks. We are experienced with airport security procedures when conducting field work within the Aircraft Operations Area. Our team can provide the expertise it takes to guide an airport in finding an acceptable balance between aviation and wildlife.

Wildlife Hazard Assessments

Wildlife Hazard Assessments consist of a twelve-month survey that examines the potential for wildlife strikes by identifying hazardous wildlife and identifying potential attractants. In addition, Wildlife Hazard Assessments attempt to alleviate wildlife hazards by evaluating historical strike data in order to identify possible trends and problem species. Recognizing these trends and potential wildlife hazards are essential to crafting a mitigation plan specifically designed for each airport’s individual wildlife hazards. Our staff is experienced in conducting approved Wildlife Hazard Assessments.

Wildlife Hazard Management Plans

Wildlife Hazard Management Plans utilize data obtained from the Wildlife Hazard Assessment to provide recommendations and implement guidelines for mitigating potential wildlife hazards. The Wildlife Hazard Management Plan identifies potential wildlife attractants and develops a plan for maintaining a safe airfield. Passarella & Associates can aid in the preparation of a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan or assist in reviewing and updating your existing one.

Wildlife Hazard Management Training & Education

Our staff has conducted numerous educational courses all over the U.S. instructing airport personnel on the identification and management of wildlife that occurs at their airport. We can provide your airport with the FAA required Wildlife Hazard Management and Wildlife Identification Training Course designed to fit your specific requirements.

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