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What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at its simplest level, is the power of where.

It’s a high-tech mapping software used as a vessel to acquire, analyze, manage, maintain, monitor, and visualize geographic data.

Imagine the idea of a “smart” map. One that can answer questions related to a precise location, uncovering more detailed information; one that can enhance communication, provide support for better decision making, improve workflow and productivity, just to name a few. That’s GIS power at your fingertips!

Consulting Services

Using ESRI technologies and other open-source software, our GIS analysts can develop an online web map solution customized to suit your specific needs. These online web map solutions are designed to be user-friendly, configured to be responsive to desktop PCs and mobile devices, can be designed for client-only or public viewing, and can include a wide variety of customized map tools for analyzing and managing geographic data.

Web maps give users the convenience of 24/7 access to maps and GIS data online. These GIS solutions can provide a more competitive advantage. Our GIS team can help you find it!

Golf Course Asset Management

CDD/HOA Asset Management

Other Management


  • Improved Communication & Decision Making
  • Greater Efficiency in day-to-day Operations
  • More Organized Geographic Recordkeeping
  • Convenient 24/7 Access to Documents, Maps & Data


  • Configurable Map Tools & Functionality
  • Mobile Ready Web Maps & Apps
  • Interactive & User-Friendly
  • Tailored Budget Options

Christian Spilker, President, Collier Enterprises

"Passarella & Associates combines the attention and service expected from a small firm with the experience and depth of staff of a major company. We asked for their help with a substantial wildlife survey that we knew would be very difficult, and their performance was exceptional. The Passarella & Associates team not only completed it, but also finished it more quickly than anyone thought possible. The staff is thorough, knowledgeable, very professional and widely respected by the agencies."

Real estate investment and development, agribusiness and private equity


Dominick J. Amico, Jr., P.E., Principal and President, Agnoli, Barber & Brundage, Inc.

“Agnoli, Barber, & Brundage has enjoyed a long and successful history with Passarella and Associates.  They are our go to consultants and have never let us down delivering what they promise when they promise it. Their work product is always complete and professional in appearance and content.  We have absolutely no reservations recommending them to our private and public sector clients. “

Engineering, planning, and surveying


Carl A. Barraco — P.E. President, Barraco and Associates, Inc.

"On numerous occasions, Passarella & Associates has provided us with environmental consulting services on countless projects. It is always refreshing working with the professional and knowledgeable staff. They have worked seamlessly with our engineers, surveyors, and planners to create an effective teaming partnership. Passarella & Associates leaves no stone unturned and their attention to detail and ability to develop innovative solutions is always beneficial."
Civil engineering, land surveying, planning


Leslie D. Alderman, Jr., Managing Partner, Florida Panther Conservation, LLC

"Florida Panther Conservation, LLC’s Habitat Conservation Bank was the first bank to be Approved and Certified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Florida and the first in the Nation for the Florida panther. Approval of our bank would not have been possible without the knowledge and reputation earned by the professionals at Passarella & Associates. As our lead consultant, they were always “ahead of the curve” in anticipating the needs and demands of the Fish and Wildlife Service at the State, Regional and National levels. Passarella’s project management skills are exceptional. Because of their expertise, we were able to bring this “first time” project in on time and budget."

Provider of Florida panther habitat mitigation

Realvizory (202 × 202 px)

Donald R. Schrotenboer — Managing Partner, REALVIZORY, LLC

"Passarella & Associates has provided environmental consulting support on a variety of projects, including a few complex ones. The staff at Passarella & Associates has consistently proven their commitment and expertise to finding solutions to environmental issues and navigating the permitting process. They have provided quality ecological services on time and well within budgets. They are a great company to work with and we highly recommend them."

Real Estate Development Advisor

Susan H. Watts — Principal Owner, Susan Watts Consulting

I have worked with Passarella & Associates, Inc. for a number of years at two different companies. They consistently provide high quality work and are professional, responsive and hands-on. Passarella & Associates has become a trusted partner because they’ve proven over the years to be an ideal resource for environmental expertise."

Real Estate/Community Development Professional

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